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Exercise Leads to a Younger Heart

No one likes being told they need to exercise more.

I know I did not like hearing it from my doctor.

When I went in for my most recent health checkup, my doctor spoke with me about the importance of exercising more. I was told that even though I was in decent health, I could do a lot more for my body by exercising regularly.

It appears that recent studies are backing up what I was told by my doctor.

Exercise and the Heart

A recent study completed at the Harvard Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology has some very interesting findings. We have always wondered why the heart is aided by increased exercise.

These researchers may have found the answer. During their tests on mice, they found that mice who were exercising regularly were stimulating their hearts to make new muscle cells. These results were being seen in normal conditions – and after the mice had experienced a heart attack.

Heart Regeneration

The human heart is not known for its regenerative properties. Young adults can boost their heart muscles up to one percent each year. This declines as we get older. And we know that fewer heart cells means a higher risk of a heart attack. Boosting those heart cells means your heart is less likely to fail later in life.

Study Specifics

One set of mice were given access to a small treadmill. They ran around five kilometers each day. The other group of mice was sedentary. Another test was done to compare mice who had suffered a heart attack. Again, the group that voluntarily ran around five kilometers a day was experiencing much greater heart tissue regeneration.

Impact on Humans

More studies will be needed to see whether this impact can translate to humans. But it is a good sign for those who believe that exercise can help you even when you are older. Even if you have suffered heart problems, adding exercise to your routine could possibly prolong and improve your quality of life.

Other Health Changes

Exercising is not the only way that you can ensure you are improving your health. Quitting unhealthy habits will help a lot too. For instance, quitting smoking as you enter your 40s or 50s is a vital part of living a longer and healthier life.

And with cutting edge vaporizer technology becoming commonplace, smokers have a satisfying option to quit. Vaping may not be 100 percent healthy, but most studies reveal that it is a lot less harmful than continuing to smoke.

Add Exercise to Your Routine

It is not easy to change routines, especially if you have been living a certain way for years. But adding small amounts of exercise can help too. You do not have to transition from a sedentary individual to a marathon runner overnight.

I took small steps when it came to adding more exercise. I got a treadmill that I set up in my basement. Everyday, I would jog or run on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes. It was a small change in my routine, but I am still feeling the positive effects.

Marc Olesen

Marc Olesen

Hey, this is Marc! Exercise does not have to be all routine physical work minus the fun. Fitness is not just about the physical but the mental and psychological as well. I am here to write about best-practice workouts applicable to every fitness level, and I make sure to feed you facts about the latest workout trends. Hope you can learn more from my blog!

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